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Wayne County Real EstateIn today’s market, many realtor’s are often also professional home stages. This gives their clients their clients the edge when selling their Wayne County real estate. As a savvy home buyer, it’s important that you take a realistic view at each and every possibility, allowing yourself to see beyond what sometimes can be nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

 Small and Large Spaces in Wayne County Real Estate

When a room is staged, the ultimate goal is to help you “visualize” how you and your family will fit into that space. That being said, it is often recommended that the seller remove any bulky or unnecessary furniture and fixtures to create the illusion that the room is more spacious. And conversely, a very large room may be made to appear more manageable by incorporating larger pieces into the space. Don’t let these techniques deceive you when considering Wayne County real estate. The best way to determine how your furniture will fill a space is to take measurements of your pieces and figure out how they will be set up in a particular room. This eliminates the guess work and prevents you from realizing that your new family room only fits one sofa, leaving the loveseat to take up residence in your garage.

 The Benefits of Sight and Smell

It’s true that certain smells can be very appealing and could possibly affect your opinion of a home on a conscious or subconscious level. Be sure to take particular notice if the seller is using fragrances or fresheners in every room in the Wayne County real estate. This over-use could be a clue that the seller may be trying to hide something … and an undesirable odor is something you would definitely want to know about before making a purchase.

It is also very common for sellers to remove all draperies, which allows the maximum amount of sunlight into the room. But you need to be realistic and consider how drapes or curtains could affect the amount of natural light, especially seeing as this is often a very important selling point for most buyers of Wayne County real estate.

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