Selling Northeast Pennsylvania Real Estate

Looking To Sell Northeast Pennsylvania Real Estate

You’ve decided you’re ready to sell your home and move on, but how ready are you?

Before embarking on extensive repairs or planning an open house, it would be wise to prepare a selling plan and plan your exit. Of course, you want top dollar for your Northeast Pennsylvania real estate, but rushing to market prematurely could undermine this very desire. You could make costly home selling mistakes along the way if your enthusiasm for a quick sale causes you to run out and stick a “For Sale” sign in the front yard before you’re fully prepared to sell.

Use the information provided here to help you better understand, prepare and position your “product” to attract the best deal for your property.

Entrust Redstone Run realty with selling your home and we will facilitate the entire process, from pre-inspection through closing the deal and putting the check in your hand. We offer our clients unique, proven-effective selling solutions not found in the typical real estate agency toolkit.

Our goal always is to help you turn market opportunities into your own personal success story.

Prepare To Sell

Before listing your home on the market, it’s smart to do a little “home-work” first to ensure a successful sale.

Having your home pre-inspected before it goes on the market is like going to the doctor for a physical check-up. Maybe your house is fit and fine, with all its systems in working order. More likely it has some minor aches and pains, from normal live-in wear and tear.

As a homeowner, you can only benefit by giving your house a proactive diagnosis that will alert you to issues almost sure to arise when the buyer has their own inspection done. You will understand the product you are selling, buyers will be confident when making an offer, and neither party has to worry about structural surprises that could ruin the deal.

Determine Goals for your Sale
What is important? Getting the property sold as quickly as possible or for the most money? Establishing your goals early will help you decide on the right selling strategy to gain the best result for your specific needs.

Getting The Best Price

Setting your price
Accurately price your home; not just based on comparative value of other Northeast Pennsylvania real estate sold, but against other homes currently in the marketplace. It’s natural that any homeowner will see their home, and expect maximum value in the marketplace. After all, to someone who owns a property, or has lived in a house for many years, this property becomes a home not just a house. Memories, personal taste, and the effort made to construct improvements will often lead a homeowner to overinflate the value of their own property

Compare your property to other products in the Northeast Pennsylvania real estate market

The CMA – industry standard tools used to set your home price use key data points from your property to compare it to other comparable properties that have sold in a nearby area over a recent period of time.

This is not the only tool that should be used and our agents also look at market availability – that is what other properties are currently for sale. If there is a property for sale down the road that is very similar to yours, and you set your price slightly lower, it can induce a buyer to make an offer on yours first.

Market time is also an important factor. If selling your Northeast Pennsylvania real estate  fast is your priority, consider setting your price a little lower than the comparables. In the event of a quick sale, this will save you money on carrying costs (maintenance, taxes and association dues).

Increase Your Homes Appeal

One of the most important factors to successfully market your home is to resent your property in a manner that will not only bring buyers to your doorstep, but will encourage them to make an offer. Depending on your listing agreement, our agents will provide you with a checklist to make your house more appealing to buyers. This list may include:

• Remove personal effects, and extraneous photos. Prospective buyers need to be able to imagine themselves and all their things in your house. Removing personal effects allows buyers to see where their things will fit.

• Deep Clean toilets, sinks, those hard-to-reach crevices, under the bed, everywhere. Buyers like new and shiny thing – make your “used-house” appear fresh and clean

• Clear Out cabinets, drawers, closets. Again, buyers have lots of stuff, and if it appears that there is not enough storage space for your things, they will presume there will not be enough room for theirs either

• Power Wash the exterior of the home. Especially if you have moss or green splotches on your siding. This will not only make your home look more appealing, but it will let buyers know that it was well maintained and cared for.

Listing your home with a real estate agent means that prospective buyers (and their agents) will be able to find your home, increasing traffic and interest. Depending on conditions in your listing agreement, your property may be featured in prominent real estate print publications, in the newspaper, or through other forms of print media. Your property will be listed in the local MLS as this is the most-used tool by local agents. They can access this database, and locate your home based on search criteria such as price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and location.

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