Inspecting Homes for Sale in East Stroudsburg PA

Homes for Sale in East Stroudsburg PAYou’ve finally found the home of your dreams. It’s gorgeous. It’s in your price range. And it’s absolutely perfect … or is it? When considering the many beautiful homes for sale in East Stroudsburg, PA, it’s important to see past the fresh coat of paint of the walls and all the fresh flowers. You need to think like a home inspector.

 Navigating Homes for Sale in East Stroudsburg PA

Perhaps you’ve narrowed down your choices of homes for sale in East Stroudsburg, PA, or maybe it was simply love at first sight. In either case, before you seal the deal, it’s important to make sure you put your thinking cap, and not be afraid to find out what’s really go on in the home. Don’t be afraid to ask detailed questions. Anything regarding the home’s history, to the reasons that the homeowners are moving is perfectly acceptable information to request.

If you see anything in the home that could possibly raise a red flag, be sure to check into it. Dampness in the certain areas of the basement could be cause for concern. Have you taken the time to look at the home’s foundation? Any stress cracks should obviously be addressed. Don’t be afraid to open up cabinets to have a look around the homes for sale in East Stroudsburg PA. Check under the sinks for any drips that could be a sign of leaks. Any issues that could be a cause of concern should be addressed … the seller could be responsible for any fixes that need to be made or be obligated to pay for any tests that may need to be performed.

The staging of homes for sale in East Stroudsburg PA is a common practice among real estate transactions in most markets. And naturally, every home buyer wants their home to look it’s best. Giving you a clear indication of how you and your family will fit into the home is like giving you a clean slate … you can easily imagine your future in the space without being distracted by the seller’s personal effects or clutter. But having a sharp eye and thinking like a home inspector can give you the assurance that the space isn’t only desirable … you will truly have an understanding of the home and help you to avoid unexpected future expenses.

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